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As a place that is oft frequented by several Not Designers, it’s clear that Rowster is part of a movement that values quality. When they talk about “Manufacturing Coffee and Inspiration” they back it up with some seriously inspiring coffee, not to mention a great experience. Here at Not Design, we think it’s pretty exciting to see [...]

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  Think, Not Design: The moment when trajectory emerges is not predictable. Sometimes it is a conscious decision. Sometimes it is a starting point, erupting from influences. Sometimes it happens like passing a stranded car along the side of the road, full of sideways glances and double takes. Sometimes it is as obvious and unavoidable [...]


  Photos taken of the gang minus Kate (who we all miss already!) last Saturday in the middle of a very busy day filled with breakfast, website edits, and lots of conversation. Feeling very excited about the things this studio has on the horizon! p.s. How awesome is that bus?


In February I was lucky enough to be asked by my alma mater AIGA group at Grand Valley to come in and talk to the gang all about letterpress and my involvement with NotDesign. After a brief introduction and little history lesson we jumped right in and got our hands dirty. All in all it [...]


Just before diving into the new year, Not Designers went on an expedition in search of supplies and returned with loads of fresh ink. 



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